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New Landmark, New Leap

Author:XiaoyunFrom:Browse:21 timesDate:2019-08-20Font:[ Big Middle Small ]
        After 10 years of long road, we finally ushered in a landmark of Brother Brand - the grand opening of AWEI flagship store at Baohua Building, Huaqiang North. So far, it has become another high-standard direct flagship store at Huaqiang North after those at Wangshanghui, Longsheng, and SEG etc.

AWEI Flagship Store at Room H1D01, 1st Floor, Baohua Building, Huaqiang North

Consistent decoration style with black and yellow, extremely rich in sense of technology and fashion

Opening Ceremony

        For the significant landmark, the Yale family merrily gathered to witness the moment of glory.

        While fully affirming the achievements over the past ten years, Lu Shengzhong - the founder and chairman expressed confidence in the future development of the corporation and the passionate team. He expressed sincere gratitude and lofty respect to all the people and their families who have contributed to the development of Yale Corp.

At the beginning of banquet, Lu Shengzhong - the founder and chairman delivered a speech and enthusiastically narrated the glorious development and honors of Yale Corp

Looking back on the course of struggle, it is full of mixed feelings and infinite gratitude

        10 years of hardships and obstacles, all the Yale family still move forward with perseverance and courage; 10 years of struggle and unity, all the Yale family will continue to forge ahead for more glories.

Our smiling faces bloomed with confidence

Looking to the future, we will continue to set sail for more brilliance

        In the past decade, we went through the hurricane and rain of yesterday; in the next decade, we will achieve more resplendence. We will stay true to the mission and forge ahead with the course of action in New Era, New Ideas, New Targets, New Strategies to open a new chapter for more brilliant tomorrow of Yale Corp.