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Yale Corp Illuminated the 5th Shenzhen International Maker Week

Author:XiaoyunFrom:Browse:21 timesDate:2019-06-15Font:[ Big Middle Small ]
        On May 6, 2019, the 3rd China's Brand Summit was successfully held in Beijing. The theme of this summit was “Co-Building China’s Brands to Inaugurate Quality Future”. Guests from all walks of life gathered together to share management wisdom, unscramble industry trends, negotiate brand cooperation, forecast the future of brands, and jointly write a grand movement for the development of China’s brands! The summit was held on the eve of China's Brand Day of May 10, which effectively and fully demonstrated the excellent brands of China’s enterprises, aroused the attention and support of the whole society for China's brand building, and promoted the sustained, healthy and high-level development of China’s brand building.

        The important guests attending the summit included: Qi Xuchun - vice chairman of the 12th CPPCC; Zhang Zhigang - former vice minister of the Ministry of Commerce; Ma Wenpu - former vice minister of International Liaison Department of Central Committee of CPC; Zhuang Congsheng - former party member and full-time vice chairman of ACFIC, president of CPEA; Hou Yunchun – well-known economist and former vice director of Development Research Center of the State Council; Wang Tong - dean of the China Development Research Institute, vice president of China Institute for Innovation & Development Strategy; Jia Tao - secretary general of China's Brand Summit etc. Representatives from various well-known enterprises participated in the summit, including Guangdong Huaxing Bank, Haier Store, Shenzhen Yale Electronics Co., Ltd., Suining Bank, GF Securities Co., Ltd., Herbal Whisper Cosmetics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. etc.

        In the 3rd China's Brand Summit, AWEI – the brand of Shenzhen Yale Electronics Co., Ltd. was awarded “Top 100 Innovative Brand of China”, and the founder and chairman - Lu Shengzhong was awarded:“China's Outstanding Innovator”.

Awarding Shenzhen Yale Electronics Co., Ltd. - Top 100 Innovative Brand of China

Awarding Comrade Lu Shengzhong - China’s Outstanding Innovator

        In recent years, the awareness of brand development in the whole society has been continuously enhanced, and brand establishment has become a self-conscious action of more and more market players. Li Keqiang - member of the Standing Committee of Political Bureau of the Central Committee of CPC and Premier of the State Council, made an important instruction on the China’s Brand Day: strengthening brand building, promoting the development of advanced manufacturingindustries and modern service industries are important measures to adapt to the upgrade of consumption, release the huge potential of the domestic market, and promote high-quality development.

Strategic Alliance of Brand Power was established on the China's Brand Day

        Brand is an important manifestation of national strength. In the journey from high-speed development to high-quality development, the economic development of the new era make higher requests for China’s brand building. Under this historical environment, opportunities and challenges, it is necessary for all sectors of the society to work together to develop the brand economy, cultivate and strengthen self-owned brands, enhance the influence of China’s brands, create more world-renowned China’s brands, and let China evolve from a “Great Power of Brand” to "Super Power of Brand"! As an outstanding representative of China's national brands and a pragmatic, progressive and enterprising pioneer in entity economy, AWEI will be more brilliant on the world's stage in the new round of historical opportunities and challenges.

        Further Reading:

Ⅰ, Theme of this Summit: Co-Bilding China’s Brands to Inaugurate Quality Future
Ⅱ, Organizer: China Business Daily, The Enterprise Observer, China Enterprise Network, Face Column
Ⅲ, Executive Agencies: Organizing Committee of China’s Brand Summit

Ⅳ, Time: May 5 - 6, 2019