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Ipipoo is a consumer digital product brand of Shenzhen new tenihink technology co.Ltd , the main products covers the high-end metal music, smarts phones, headset, Bluetooth headset, Bluetooth speakers, mobile power and screen protection film,digital products ,mobile phone series accessories.

Ipipoo brand product research and development, design, production and sales in one, dedicated to provide consumers high-quality, cost-effective consumer electronic digital products accessories and services.

Since ipipoo entering the market, which has been adhering to the fashshion, high-end, innovate, to pursuit the quality as its development goals. With music life and fashion in one ,using the exquisite world-class design concept, every product design is sincerity to bring customer a high quality experience.

All the products of ipipoo are exdusive patent and intellectual property right in Europe & international quality certification. Product has been widely recognized in the global market and become one of the hign-end digital consumer electronic products.