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Moments of Dual Brands at Global Sources Exhibitions

Author:品韵From:品韵Browse:88 timesDate:2019-10-22Font:[ Big Middle Small ]

        Global Sources Exhibitions are one of the world's largest electronics procurement exhibitions, owning more than 7,800 booths with popular electronic products, converging a large amount of exhibitors from Greater China, Japan, South Korea and other countries and regions in APAC, attracting countless purchasing groups from all over the world. Global Sources Exhibitions are large-scale platforms for enterprises to understand market trends, to grasp commercial opportunities, and to exploit global markets.

        As veteran exhibitors who has cooperated with Global Sources Exhibitions for many years, AWEI and ipipoo brought the latest & hot-selling products to HKAWE.

        Through our exhibitors’ enthusiastic reception and introduction, all the guests were deeply impressed by the appearance, craftsmanship, quality, and performance of the products of AWEI and ipipoo.

        After testing the various performances of T10C - AWEI TWS Bluetooth earbuds and experience the timbre repeatedly, a German purchaser expressed his heartfelt feeling: " Though I was born and raised in a rigorous and serious country, the lovely music elf impressed me with its pure sound, impact design, and ultralight weight!"

Stylish exhibition hall provides multi-angle aesthetics for the most convenient and homelike experience for all the guests

Experiencing the latest, most stylish and euphonic audio products to the fullest

Hospitable services for all the guests’ contentment

        With Hong Kong Electronics Fair and Global Sources Exhibitions concluded satisfactorily in the golden autumn, we will continue to dedicate to R&D, focus on quality, strengthen service, and appreciate customers & consumers around the world with excellent products & wholehearted services. AWEI and ipipoo will be invincible on the road to glories.

From Made in China to Created in China, and intelligent manufacturing in China, it derives from our unremitting pursuit for craftsmanship spirit