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2019 New Year Gala of Yale Corp Ended Successfully

Author:XiaoyunFrom:Browse:27 timesDate:2019-01-21Font:[ Big Middle Small ]
Ring out the Old Year and Ring in the New Year
On Jan 19, 2019,

 the new year gala of Shenzhen Yale Electronics Co., Ltd. was held grandly as scheduled.

(parent firm of Shenzhen Pinyun Electronics Co., Ltd.)

The theme of the gala was named
"New Leaping, New Beginning".
The grand new year gala brimmed with
jubilant atmosphere and countless surprises.
Now, Let’s retrospect the extraordinary night!

past and future
Looking back on the past,
Looking forward to the future.
After the hosts’ ebullient opening remarks,
The grand gala officially started.

At the beginning of gala,
Lu Shengzhong—chairman of Yale corp delivered an impassioned speech.
Retrospecting the glories and achievements of the past 2018,
everyone’s joint effort is crucial and indispensable.
Grateful to each partner and colleague.

Looking forward to 2019, 

we will stay true to the mission and definitely achieve more successes!

Chairman Lu delivered a important speech

Let's cheer for the glories and achievements

Heartening Commendation Ceremony
Summarizing achievements and commending the advanced are the highlight of annual gala.
It is no exception for this year as well.
Looking back at 2018, 
the Yale families pulled together and harvested a large amount of fruits.
Salute to all of our dear colleagues.

It’s your hard work and effort, making our company change and thrive quickly!

2018 Sale Stores of Gold, Silver, Bronze

2018 Sellers of Gold, Silver, Bronze

2018 Best Team Awards

2018 Special Contribution Awards

2018 Best Employees Awards

2018 Best New Employees Awards

2018 Best Supplier Awards

2018 Best Strategic Partner Awards

Wonderful and Brilliant Shows
Lots of talents from Yale family, as if Crouching Tigers, Hidden Dragons.

Wonderful shows brimmed with passion and joy drawn countless applause and acclaim.

“Pigsy Celebrates New Year” - Imitation Show from CCTV(China Central Television)

singing of Dragon and Phoenix Group from CCTV(China Central Television)

“Ronin’s Pipa” - Classic Dance with Chinoiserie

Combination of Modern Dances with Pop Musics from Business Department

Passionate Saxophone Performance

“China Dream Dance” from Imperial Starlight Dance Troupe

Consecutive Lucky Draws
The lucky draws are always the most breathtaking parts, so was the gala of this year.
Innumerable cash prizes, incredible third, second, first prizes and awesome special prize.

Various large amounts of red envelops surprised each seated person’s heart.

Make Every Effort to Realize Our Ambitions

Thank everyone for your efforts.

Goodbye to 2018

Greet 2019
Grow and Change

Let's fight together in the new year.