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Yale Electronics - National Qualified Corp of Stable Product Quality

Author:XiaoyunFrom:Browse:23 timesDate:2019-04-10Font:[ Big Middle Small ]
        In Mar 15, 2019, Shenzhen Yale Electronics Co., Ltd. was chosen as“National Qualified Corp of Stable Product Quality” by Periodical Office of China Quality Supervision in the Qualified Brand Promotion Activity.

        The exhibition of “National Qualified Corp of Stable Product Quality” is based on the spot checks and quality inspection results of relevant products, providing fair, scientific and authoritative guidance to consumers. The selection activity has strict standards - The certified enterprises must have no any unqualified records in the spot check during provincial and national product quality supervision, and no any unqualified records in the relevant quality inspections in the past three years.

        More than ten years of persistence for high-quality products and considerate services have won continuous praise and good reputation for AWEI. Not only does the award represent the trust and praise from the state, society and consumers, but also witness the long-term integrity management of AWEI. AWEI will always carry out the responsibilities and stay true to the mission of “National Qualified Corp of Stable Product Quality”, and repay the society with the untiring services and excellent products.

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        The Periodical of China Quality Supervision is an authoritative monthly journal in quality field, which is in the charge of AQSIQ and hosted by China Quality Daily. This periodical is the only comprehensive periodical in China that comprehensively and thoroughly reports on quality supervision, quality management, standardization, measurement, certification & accreditation, and anti-counterfeiting etc. As a nationwide professional periodical on quality with a large circulation and influence, the periodical is publicly released at all levels of quality inspection departments, corporations, public institutions, and abroad.